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Voice Recognition Software

Voice Recognition Software has come of age, and Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the premier - if not THE premier producers of this superb time-saving resource.

When you're writing a novel, often your ideas fly, especially if you've used some of the other excellent software on this site, and have your outline done, but you are hampered by the speed of your typing. If you can speak your story instead, using voice recognition software, then you'll find that you can write so much more quickly.

I find a great satisfaction too, in thinking that voice recognition software is coming full circle, in a way, with our craft. It started off as stories spoken out loud, and now, once again, it is about speaking your story.

Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software claims 99% accuracy, and I don't know about you, but that's a lot more accurate than my typing, especially when the thoughts are flying!

You do have to get used to speaking aloud the punctuation such as comma, period, and paragraph. But once you're used to that, it's a breeze. Or you could put it in at the editing stage.

Voice recognition software also helps avoid RSI. I find that when I'm typing thousands of words a day, my wrists and fingers ache - this avoids that problem.

All in all a great resource, and a boon for writers.

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The links above lead to the Home Version of Dragon Naturally Speaking. There are also other editions available. I haven't found it easy to find what extra you get for your money (apart from the headphones in the second one), but offer you the links for your convenience.

The one on the right, below, is an add-on to allow you to use your digital voice recorder when you're out, and when you get home, convert it into text. So now writers can write anywhere! Waiting outside the school for your children - no problem!

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Dragon Naturally Speaking
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Dragon Naturally Speaking
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